BLANK SLATE: A Kingdom Hearts coloring book

BLANK SLATE is a Kingdom Hearts coloring book, a for-profit project featuring a 30+ page black and white coloring book and 29 stellar artists. The coloring book will be available in both physical and digital copies for traditional and digital coloring. The Kingdom Hearts fandom is full of creativity and inspiration so we wanted to to make a project that would give everyone the chance to collaborate!


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Hello, and welcome to Blank Slate!

You all probably know me as Wano. I’ve been wanting to host a project like this for a while! The creativity in the Kingdom Hearts fandom has been a great source of inspiration for the better part of two years now and I want to host a project that gives everybody – both artists and their customers – a chance to collaborate in some awesome art!

Style Considerations:

This is a coloring book! We will only be working with black and white line art. No gray, color or complicated shading/hatching.

Line art style is deferred to individual artists, but we encourage lines that have clear distinction between areas to color.

Content Considerations:

This project was born as a celebration of the series as a whole, and while I do support shipping, I’d ask that any explorations of love between characters stay platonic.

Canon-compliant violence and action is fine but keep it PG-13.

To keep the content as accessible as possible, we would like to focus on the main console games.

We all know and love the Kingdom Hearts characters, but I’d like to offer up the opportunity (and challenge) to explore the locations, unique items, weapons, and other elements of the series as well.

We will be looking for 3 kinds of submissions from contributors:

  • Single Pages: Full bleed artwork across a single page

  • Spot Illustrations: A single page layout of 1-4 smaller illustrations that sit multiple to a page.

  • Merchandise: Final lineup of merch is TBD, but we will be looking to create some additional goodies for the book! These will all be in the black and white line art style.


Schedule is tentative and subject to change:

  • Interest check: 8/10 - 8/16

  • Applications open: 8/24 - 9/6

  • Contributors invited & confirmed: 9/11 - 9/18

  • Concept approval: 9/19 - 9/26

  • Creation period: 9/27 - 12/12 (total creation period time)

  • Check-in 1: 10/24 (50% complete)

  • Check-in 2: 11/21 (75% complete)

  • Final submission: 12/12 (100% complete; submit for formatting)

  • Book formatting: 12/13 - 12/24

  • Preorders: 12/25

  • Production and fulfillment: Estimated January-February 2021


This team is made of creative working professionals with years of experience in digital and physical production - we're excited to launch our first fandom zine project!


Host, organization, graphics & shipping



Emotional support & layout



Website & ecommerce, finance & shipping



PR & social media manager



What is Blank Slate?

Blank Slate will be a Kingdom Hearts coloring book featuring black and white uncolored fanart from multiple artists. It will be available as a physical copy and a PDF download along with merch add-ons.


What subject matter will be included?

PG-13 canon-compliant violenceNo ShipsNo OCsFocus on console games
See details in the guidelines


What is gen art?

Gen art means no ships. While we do support shipping, we want this project to be a celebration of the series as a whole so all content and expressions of love should be platonic.


What is the/your timeline?

See the schedule for our timeline


Will there be international shipping?

At this time, we are only planning to ship to the North America region. Due to COVID restrictions and to keep the project size manageable, we will not be offering international shipping.


How many artists will be involved?

We have accepted 29 artists total. This number is split between guest invitations and general applications.


Do you need more mods?

We are not accepting mod applications.


How many pieces will artists be expected to make?

Accepted artists will either be responsible for a one-page layout or an assigned piece of merch. For artists who would like to create additional works for the project, we will accept a max of 2 submissions.


This project is for-profit, how do you expect to split?

After production and shipping costs, we will be splitting the profits evenly with each submitted piece—whether a page in the coloring book or piece of merch—representing one slice of the pie. Each contributor will receive at minimum a physical copy of the book (Shipping restrictions do not apply here).


I have additional questions. Where should I ask?

Please either email or DM the project on:
Twitter: @khzine
Email: [email protected]